Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have internet connectivity issues, most of our clients are using mobile smartphone sites. They are 75% less expensive to build and maintain, the analytics provided are instaneous and rich, and your workforce does not have to download anything.

Yes! Our sites will load on ANY web browser. So, they are compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers.

It is rare for our clients to provide mobile devices. There are two situations, however, where providing a device does make sense. The first case is in a factory where QR codes have been placed on equipment. These QR codes point to our mobile platform where videos, manuals, documents and information relating to repair or maintenance can be found. Often our clients buy tablets, put them in an industrial case, and leave them on the factory floor.

The second case is for retailers. Often our retail clients will buy a few inexpensive tablets for each store. They will then load training material onto our platform, an instantly all of that material is now available for review by in-store employees.

Texting allows for instant communication to a wide range of cell phones and there is no need for the user to use up their data. Our clients use the text messaging platform for a variety of uses. Some clients like to use it for product updates, others for company reminders and performance reports, while some simply have it as an emergency alert system. It is necessary for employees who use their own phones to opt-in to the service by texting in a keyword. We've found that about 75% of employees voluntarily opt-in to their company's text message system. We offer an email solution so that if an employee does not opt-in, they can still receive the notices.

Though a character limit can seem daunting, text messages can be a great way to communicate with employees. Being concise is the key. Ask any teenager, they've mastered the art of sending important messages in 160 characters. However if you feel 160 characters isn't enough, you can always provide a short link to a mobile website, which we can also provide.