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Enterprise Mobile Learning: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

Presented to Philly EdTech Meetup - September 18, 2014
The presentation was part of Philly EdTech Meetup Demo Night, which had the following description:
"Companies who demo will have 5 minutes and 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds to share their company product. It's fast paced and fun."

Mobile Training Secrets Revealed

Thoughts from the industry leader, Train by Cell.

It’s time to set the record right on the subject of mobiletraining. What is mobile training?

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I Dare You to Text at Work

Texting at work doesn't seem like much of a challenge. For most people it's a daily occurrence. So, let me clarify my dare. I dare you to send work related texts to the people you work with while at work. Far fewer people are doing that.

From the dawn of time people have found ways to communicate with each other. The methods have evolved over time going from cave paintings to the variety of electronic communication available today. Some might argue that the emergence of emoji characters has brought us full circle.

What do a hand written note, a letter, a fax, an email or a text message have in common? Their goal is the same. The format and delivery method are different, but it's a way to send a message.

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"My employees aren’t reading my e-mails!"

How many times have you thought, "My employees aren’t reading my e-mails!"? The information that you're sending is important and management wants to get the word out, but nobody seems to be paying attention.

Truth is, e-mails are being ignored as frequently as telemarketing phone calls. People aren’t responding to them, they’re not even reading them!

So how do you get important company information out to employees who aren’t plugged in to a computer at the office all day?

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